EQ Saturday Sapience #9

Equity Intelligence 8th April 2023

From farmer suicides to online blogging, a fascinating reality of a village in Maharashtra and so about emerging India, a Story of passion and risk-taking in filmmaking to business, Host of Return on India podcast summarizes all his learning on India opportunities and how mandatory Six airbag change Auto Industry…


In a village in Maharashtra, a region rife with farm suicides, hundreds are making a living off blogging. Kolgaon in Maharashtra has emerged as a “bloggers village”. 

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What’s common between Yash Chopra, Facebook, Google and Reliance? Their romance for Risk…

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The host of Return on India podcast reviews and narrates all his learnings about emerging opportunities in India. Romeen Seth shares his learnings from host of entrepreneurs and influencers; from Nandan Nilkeni to Kunal Shah.

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Can Six Airbags Help Industry Expand? - Auto and ancillary industry will undergo a paradigm shift once the six airbags mandate is implemented from October 1. Here’s what the change will mean for companies as well as car buyers.

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Quote of the Week 

“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” - William Arthur Ward