Alternative Investment Fund

A pooled investment vehicle that will focus on turnaround stories and emerging opportunities!

EQ India Fund, our first category III AIF scheme launched in 2017, is a long only pure equity fund investing in listed Indian equities.

SEBI AIF Reg No. IN/AIF3/17-18/0334

EQ India Fund, our first category III AIF scheme launched in 2017, is a long only pure equity fund investing in listed Indian equities. It is a pooled investment vehicle that gives the fund manager the option and flexibility to invest in listed & unlisted companies, to use leverage, to hedge or trade in derivatives, and to subscribe to primary issues like preferential allotments, FPOs, IPOs, and rights issues.

Investment Approach

Long-term capital appreciation through equity investing is the investment objective.

Product Overview

  • Investment decisions are arrived at through a long-term, bottom-up approach.
  • All intelligent investing is value investing. We predominantly follow the principles of classical value investing.
  • Investment decisions may also be based on growth, momentum, or event arbitrage strategies.
  • Investments would be made only in listed Indian equities. Though we are market cap agnostic, we predominantly invest in small/midcap stocks where we find value.
  • Nifty 50, India’s flagship index, would be the comparable benchmark.
  • Investee companies are constantly monitored, and the investment rationale is validated time and again.


EQ India Fund 13.28% -25.22% -51.91% 181.82% 41.19% -1.09%
NIFTY 50* 11.80% 16.40% -25.00% 72.50% 20.30% 0.60%

* Total Return Index

INR RETURNS 1-Year 2-Year 3-Year 5-Year
CRISIL AIF Index - CAT III 21.15% 39.18% 16.00% 11.93%

Values as on 31 March 2022

FY18 13.28% 11.80%
FY19 -25.22% 16.40%
FY20 -51.91% -25.00%
FY21 181.82% 72.50%
FY22 41.19% 20.30%
FY23 -1.09% 0.60%

* Total Return Index

1-Year 21.15%
2-Year 39.18%
3-Year 16.00%
5-Year 11.93%

Values as on 31 March 2022

Points to Note

INR 1 Crore

Minimum Investment to invest in
EQ India Fund.

Small and midcap investments may have lower liquidity, and we recommend a time horizon of at least 5 years. Suitable for investors with the ability & willingness to see-through periods of volatility.

We recommend that only unleveraged funds, set aside for long term equity investing, be invested with us. Please consult your financial advisor for detailed asset allocation decisions and to understand suitability.

EQ India Fund commenced operations on July 28, 2017. Equity Investments are subject to market risk. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. The track record provided is not verified by SEBI.

Investment Process

Idea Generation

  • Keep your eyes and ears open
  • Inflection Points
  • Turn Around Stories
  • Common Sense Ideas
  • The Changing India theme
  • Curable Negatives

Idea Evaluation

  • Margin of Safety
  • Market Intelligence
  • Business Viability
  • Management Analysis
  • Price Volume Analysis
  • Financial Analysis


  • Inv. Committee Review
  • Portfolio Allocation
  • Smart Dealing
  • Continuous Review
  • Averaging/Profit Booking
  • Risk management

Fund Structure & Key Terms

Particulars Description
Target Investors Individuals, NRI, FPI, corporate/ institutional investors, Trusts, Partnership firms, LLPs and HUFs
Minimum Investment INR 1 Crore and in multiples of INR 10 Lakhs thereafter
Fees 2% Fixed Management Fees and 10% Performance Fees above the hurdle rate of 10% per annum. Administration fees can be upto 2% per annum, though presently it is being levied @0.1% per annum
Exit Load 5% if redeemed within 2 years
Sponsor Commitment 5% or INR 10 crore whichever is lower
Performance Reporting Monthly NAV & Quarterly report
Taxation Taxation is at Investor Level, decision for which is pending at AAR (Authority for Advance Ruling) now called the Board for Advance Ruling (BFAR).