EQ Saturday Sapience #67

Equity Intelligence 18th May 2024

The Indian giant has arrived as India's development is continuing to gain steam, India has quietly transformed its ports, that is good for trade, and a good sign for reform, Batteries are one of the most important technologies we need for a successful energy transition and India’s silent income crisis is affecting on important growth engine of economy.

  • With India's development continuing to gain steam, one of the biggest challenges will be to avoid the mistake that others have made when they failed to recognize their newly acquired global systemic influence and adapt accordingly. Both China and Big Tech show that it is never too early to start managing one's own riseRead more
  • If there is one thing about which both supporters and critics of Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, can agree, it is that his biggest achievement has been to overhaul India’s infrastructure. Tens of thousands of miles of motorways have been built, fast intercity trains have been waved off, dozens of urban metro lines have opened and more Indians fly on more aircraft through more airports than ever before. These are impressive feats Read more
  • The adoption of renewable energy is exploding. Solar has been the fastest growing source of electricity for the past 19 years. It is paving the way for a future without fossil fuels. Yet, renewables face a unique challenge: they are intermittent by nature, necessitating a mechanism to ensure a steady supply of energy when the sun sets and the wind stills. This is where energy storage comes into play — it is not an exaggeration to say that batteries are one of the most important technologies we need for a successful energy transition…. Read more
  • India’s Silent Income Crisis… Household finances, worker’s wages, agricultural income are going down, severely damaging key growth engine – consumption… Read more
  • “Fear of missing out, of course, is not fear at all but unbridled greed. The key is to hold your emotions in check with reason, something few are able to do. The markets are often a tease, falsely reinforcing one’s confidence as prices rise, and undermining it as they fall. Pundits often speak of the psychology of markets, but in investing it is one’s own psychology that can be most dangerous and tenuous.” —Seth Klarman