EQ Saturday Sapience #66

Equity Intelligence 11th May 2024

Can India leapfrog the high-speed rail story with Hyperloop? Growth for growth’s sake comes with many pitfalls, Mamaearth founders reveal how they built multiple brands & a personal care empire and Legendary investor Howard Marks argues well that Volatility + Leverage = Dynamite.

  • The growing skepticism around Hyperloop ever becoming a viable mode of transportation notwithstanding, Satyanarayan Chakravarthy, faculty in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Department at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Madras), believes that reports about the death of this technology are highly exaggerated… Read more
  • Refreshing the avocado story… Growth for growth’s sake comes with many pitfalls... The avocado story has to be about a lot more—long-term sustainability, environmental responsibility, the betterment of local communities… Read more
  • Shantanu Deshpande engages in a candid conversation with Varun and Ghazal Alagh, the visionary co-founders of Mamaearth. Prepare to be inspired as they unravel the fascinating narrative behind the inception of their personal care brand, sharing the original insights that propelled Mamaearth to meteoric heights… Watch more
  • As with so many aspects of investing, determining the proper amount of leverage has to be a function of optimizing, not maximizing. Given that leverage magnifies gains when there are gains and that investors only invest when they expect there to be gains, it can be tempting to think the right amount of leverage is “all you can get.”… Read more
  • “It’s just astounding to me how willing people are, during a bull market, just to toss money around because they think it’s easy.” —Warren Buffett