EQ Saturday Sapience #65

Equity Intelligence 4th May 2024

A very insightful conversation with PM Modi’s Economic Advisor, Sanjeev Sanyal, Indian Railways wants to ride the gravy train but there’s a catch and recent rapid advances in AI raise hopes that it can make R&D more productive, for real this time. 

  • PM Modi’s Economic Advisor On India's Hidden History, Development Patterns and His Maritime Project!... How does Sanjeev Sanyal's economic expertise shape policy-making and urban development in India? How does Mr Sanyal reshape the narrative of Indian freedom fighters' response to British colonialism? How might Sanjeev's distinct economic approach offer new perspectives on India's future economy?... Watch more
  • In 2020, the Railway Board chairperson had told press persons that in the longer term, as part of its policy to increase the speed of trains, the railways was looking to phase out non-AC sleeper class altogether on trains running at higher speeds (130 kmph and above). This along with the introduction of newer classes of trains (like Vande Bharat), and the ‘premiumization’ of even ‘non-premium’ trains by increasing the share of AC coaches (thus implying higher revenue per train), are all aimed at fixing the contradiction that the railways have faced for years, of resolving its social service obligations, with the need to be profitable. It remains to be seen whether these changes will resolve this contradiction, or only make it worse… Read more
  • Can biotech startups upstage Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk?... Smaller drugmakers are enjoying a revival… Many firms with bleak prospects were eliminated; the number of biotech bankruptcies in 2023 was the highest in a decade. Those that remain are sturdier on average… Read more
  • "The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook." William James