EQ Saturday Sapience #57

Equity Intelligence 9th March 2024

Indian economy is very vibrant and startup ecosystem even more so and it is great to get big picture view of various insights and trends annually, India can be the bridge builder between the Global East and the West, and between the Global North and the South, EV ecosystem is in constant flux and Gartner predicts it to gather pace in coming years, India plans 10,000-GPU sovereign AI supercomputer in an attempt to foster self-reliance on this extremely important emerging technology. 

  • The Indus Valley Annual Report published by Blume Ventures gives a great overview of trends, insights and anecdotes across centers of innovation and enterprise in India’s vibrant startup ecosystem across the country. It is a great read to comprehend India’s socio-economic trends better. It builds a unique perspective from the lens of an early-stage capital allocator and should inform all serious investors… Read more 
  • India has long been a powerful voice for the Global South. But, in an increasingly divided world, India can be the bridge-builder between the East and the West, and between the North and the South. With its cherished foreign-policy autonomy and willingness to break with conventional methods and shibboleths, India is well placed to serve as a go-between in the Ukraine war and as a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… Read more 
  • Gartner predicts that by 2027, 15% of EV companies founded since the last decade will be acquired or bankrupt. This does not mean the EV sector is crumbling. It is simply entering a new phase where companies with the best products and services will win over the remaining… Read more 
  • India plans 10,000-GPU sovereign AI supercomputer. Puts $1.2 billion on the table for AI skills and local LLMs, tells private enterprise it expects help. Two goals of the funding package are to "foster technological self-reliance" and "democratize the benefits of AI across all strata of society."... Read more 
  • “Nothing so gives the illusion of intelligence as personal association with large sums of money.” —John Kenneth Galbraith