EQ Saturday Sapience #49

Equity Intelligence 13th January 2024

The race to become the next economic superpower is on and India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia have vision rolled out, India's first semiconductor chip will be produced in Gujarat this year and effort is in progress to create a vibrant ecology, Made in India footwear will take over the world, believes some industry leaders, Mohandas Pai articulates several trends, insights and issues and Howard Marks has come out with his latest memo and as always is a great read. 

  • How to get rich in the 21st century… The race to become the next economic superpower… By 2050, there will be a new crop of economic powers—if things go to plan. Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, wants his country’s GDP per person to surpass the World Bank’s high-income threshold three years before then…. Read more
  • The biggest lesson in creating the semiconductor industry is to have absolute focus on the ecosystem. Because if you look at the number of gases and chemicals that go into semiconductor manufacturing, it's more than 250. Practically, in the periodic table, which is the table of all the elements available in nature, more than 80 elements are used in semiconductor manufacturing. It's a very complex thing… so if we focus on the ecosystem, we will get everything right… Read more
  • Tamil Nadu is the new China+1 for shoes. Crocs, Nike, Adidas foot India’s manufacturing push. Taiwan giants like Shoetown, Feng Tay, Pou Chen, and Hong Fu are setting up huge non-leather shoe factories in Tamil Nadu...  Read more 
  • Winning in a Digital World – a talk by Mohandas Pai… Watch here 
  • Easy Money – Memo by Howard Marks. Don’t give me a low rate, give me a true rate, and then I shall know how to keep my house in order… Read more