EQ Saturday Sapience #46

Equity Intelligence 23rd December 2023

A deep dive into how India became a powerhouse economy in the world since 1991 & where it aims to be as a country by 2050 with the Economic Advisor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Why 'Chip Wars' author Chris Miller Says India Has An Edge In The Semiconductor Industry and Ola, best known as a ride-hailing company, has unveiled “India’s own AI.”

  • PM Narendra Modi’s Economic Advisor, Sanjeev Sanyal, talks about Kolkata’s Decline, Amrit Kaal & India’s $10 Trillion Economy and host of important issues What Changed in India After Liberalisation in 1991? Does Being World’s Largest Population Help or Hinder India’s Growth? Sanjeev Sanyal’s Role In Reforming The Banking Systems…. Watch here
  • It seems like if every household in India were to have a TV, a fridge, a computer, a car, etc., India would need approximately back-of-the-envelope math about 500 billion chips and that's a lot. In fact, if you want to do AI, you need chips, you want to send data through the internet, you need chips, you want to do 5G, you need chips. Pretty much anything you need, chips right? Your home router has chips so they play a pretty important role and India can play an important role in the supply chain… Watch here
  • “India’s Own AI” — Krutrim, an India-Made Model Built From Scratch And Trained On Vast Indic Data. For more than two years now, India’s researchers have been putting their heads together in an effort, coordinated by the Government of India, aimed at developing AI models trained in Indian languages. The initiative is called Mission Bhashini, short for BHASHaINterface forIndia Read more
  • “Part of investing and calculating intrinsic values is if you get the wrong answer when you get through — in other words, if it says don’t buy, you can’t buy just because somebody else thinks it’s going to go up or because your friends have made a lot of easy money lately or anything of the sort. You have to be able to walk away from anything that doesn’t work. And very few things work these days. You also have to walk away from anything you don’t understand.” —Warren Buffett