EQ Saturday Sapience #40

Equity Intelligence 11th November 2023

The Niti Aayog vision for India 2047 sets an ambitious target of a $30 trillion economy but that would demand several mindset changes. Meanwhile, India’s luxury market is poised for significant growth, concerns are being raised about Chinese dominance in the e-bus market and Bill Gates highlights the transformative potential of AI in the computing and software industry.

  • India@2047 - The Niti Aayog vision document argues that growing the Indian economy to a staggering $30 trillion by 2047 is a precondition for national security. The biggest challenge India is facing is its mindset. Breaking out of a mould that has evolved over seven decades is not going to be easy. Its bureaucracy is tuned to addressing development challenges like poverty; its business is still to break out of the “Licence Raj” and crony capitalism overhang; citizens are still suspicious of the state, which for long has plundered public finances for political gain… Read more
  • Can India become the next China for the luxury market? The face of global luxury is getting wiser to the potential of the East. India's luxury market could reach a staggering $200 billion by 2030, growing to 3.5 times its current size, a Bain & Co report says. And there are many triggers for it… Read more
  • Chinese chokehold over e-bus market raises red flags. Local JVs do not have control over tech know-how, source code... Read more
  • Bill Gates writes AI is about to completely change how you use computers and upend the software industry. As all of this comes together, the issues of online privacy and security will become even more urgent than they already are. You’ll want to be able to decide what information the agent has access to, so you’re confident that your data is shared with only the people and companies you choose... Read more
  • “The person who can create value the most is the person who devotes himself completely to his favourite activities.” —John D. Rockefeller