EQ Saturday Sapience #38

Equity Intelligence 28th October 2023

Space-based solar power aims to harness the Sun's vast energy from space and convert it to microwaves for Earth use. As businesses seek alternatives to China, many are finding significant advantages within China's expansive interior, challenging the China+1 manufacturing strategy. Indian agriculture has been facing issues since Independence, a topic explored in a detailed conversation. Additionally, the State of the Economy podcast delves into India's tractor market dynamics.

  • Space-based solar power uses a different approach—rather than creating the Sun in a lab, it attempts to capture the vast amounts of energy generated by the Sun from space, convert it into microwaves, and transport it to Earth. Only about 0.00002% of the Sun’s total energy output actually reaches Earth—it might sound minuscule, but it’s roughly 173,000 terawatts of power, enough to keep our planet buzzing… Read more
  • China’s Factory Floor Is Moving—But Not to India or Mexico... Companies seeking alternatives to China are finding the country’s vast interior still holds big advantages. This piece does throw a contrary light on the common view of China+1 manufacturing… Read more
  • What's Wrong With Indian Agriculture?... India's farmers are suffering. Indian agriculture has been in crisis since we gained Independence. Why? What can we do about it? Great discussion in the podcast hosted by Amit Varma and Ajay Shah… Watch here
  • In the State of the Economy podcast, Businessline’s S Ronendra Singh discusses the tractor market in India with Gaurav Saxena, Director & CEO - International Business at International Tractors Limited… Listen here
  • We can't resist sharing the perceptive thoughts of Howard Marks on Investing:  “Thoughtful investors can toil in obscurity, achieving solid gains in the good years and losing less than others in the bad. They avoid sharing in the riskiest behavior because they’re so aware of how much they don’t know and because they have their egos in check. This, in my opinion, is the greatest formula for long-term wealth creation—but it doesn’t provide much ego gratification in the short run. It’s just not that glamorous to follow a path that emphasizes humility, prudence and risk control. Of course, investing shouldn’t be about glamor, but often it is.”