EQ Saturday Sapience #35

Equity Intelligence 7th October 2023

Indian bureaucrats rarely open up about their work, we share an insightful conversation with the former CEO of Aadhaar and the CoWin Platform. Ray Dalio's deep exploration of history has resulted in a compelling framework that he articulates with finesse his current perspective and has some good things to share about India. Continually, we encounter remarkable tales of sustainable economies, and we'd like to spotlight one centered on lead battery recycling and another about Indian Railways' tree plantation drive across 68,000 route kms.

  • Engage in an enlightening conversation with Dr. R.S. Sharma, the visionary behind pivotal initiatives like Aadhaar and the CoWin Platform. As the former CEO of Aadhaar and the leader of the CoWin Platform, Dr. Sharma has played a transformative role in India's digital identity and healthcare arenas. Dive deep into his invaluable insights and journey that meld technology and governance in this enlightening discussion. Watch here
  • The All-In Summit showcased the brilliance of Ray Dalio in a thought-provoking discourse. He provides an articulate understanding of the dynamics of nations' ascendancy and decline and shares his optimistic views on India's potential. Explore his comprehensive perspective on the evolving global order. Watch here
  • The battery industry is witnessing a remarkable transformation. With soaring battery recycling rates, lead car batteries now stand as the most recycled consumer product. A commendable 160 million lead batteries are recycled annually, preventing over 2.5 million tons of lead and plastic from burdening landfills. Discover the sustainable magic behind this recycling phenomenon. Read more
  • The railways are the lifeline of the country carrying more than 23 million passengers every day. And creating green covers as well as pushing electrification using solar and wind are part of the net zero efforts. A massive tree plantation drive is underway to enhance green cover across Indian Railways 68,000 route kms. Read more
  • “Ninety percent of everything is crap” –Ted Sturgeon. Some call this the Sturgeon's Law. Sturgeon pointed out that most fields of human endeavor are filled with garbage. It is worth remembering as an investor while consuming news flows.