EQ Saturday Sapience #27

Equity Intelligence 11th August 2023

A presentation by V Anantha Nageswaran on how to get sustainable, balanced and equitable economic progress, Fabs have proven to be game changers for the economies where they are operational and would be interesting how this sector plays out in the case of India and the significance of India's quest for rare earth elements.


India has ambitiously tasked itself to leap to the next level on the development ladder to a “developed India” tag by 2047. The country is categorised as an “Aspirational Society,” aiming to seize the opportunities provided by an economy that maintains steady and high economic growth. 
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Can India truly become a global semiconductor hub?...International companies have started making investments in the industry and things look promising for now, but in the long run, sustained government support will be crucial.
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Minerals containing rare earth elements have become some of the most prized resources globally as countries rush to develop semiconductor industries and transition to clean energy.
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Quote of the Week

“Active management has to be seen as the search for mistakes.” —Howard Marks