EQ Saturday Sapience #26

Equity Intelligence 5th August 2023

Insight rich conversation around new political economy, What India needs to create successful economic zones and Investors have learnt once again how hard it is to estimate the market behaviour.


Demetri Kofinas speaks with political and financial historians Edward Chancellor, Russell Napier, and Helen Thompson. Many of the material changes we are experiencing today are driven by the reversal of multi-decade trends in demographics, globalization, and low-cost, carbon-based energy sources. The ripple effects of these changes on inflation, risk rates, wealth & income distribution, national security, and the ruling legitimacy of national governments are already starting to materialize.
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While countries such as China, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam have been able to develop huge economic clusters that enable growth, India has failed so far. Here’s what needs to change…
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Five things investors have learned this year…The economy and asset prices have proved more resilient than feared.
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Quote of the Week

“The more things people worry about the better for an investor, because those worries are already instantiated in the overall market.” – Bill Miller