EQ Saturday Sapience #19

Equity Intelligence 17th June 2023

Small ideas mixing and compounding into big ones – that’s what really drives the world, India is fast becoming indispensable for the West and Tesla needs India and India needs Tesla.


Technological progress is easy to underestimate because it’s so counterintuitive to see how, for example, the philosophies of a guy who invented Polaroid film would go on to inspire the iPhone or how an 18th century physicist would write a notebook that set the foundations for a modern electrical system.

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Joe Biden and Narendra Modi are drawing their countries closer. India does not love the West, but it is indispensable to America.

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After months of gridlock, hopes of Tesla's entry into India have been rekindled with its senior officials flying to Delhi to discuss with the government the company's plans to set up operations in the country. The American automaker's presence here is likely to drive the transformation of the automotive industry toward sustainable and electric mobility.

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Quote of the Week

“Common stock selection is a difficult art - naturally since it offers large rewards for success. It requires a skillful mental balance between the facts of the past and the possibilities of the future." - Benjamin Graham