EQ Saturday Sapience #16

Equity Intelligence 27th May 2023

India’s push to use sugar for ethanol may create more problems than it solves, India’s baby steps towards becoming the world’s sports shoe factory, China’s effort to pare its USD10 trillion of ‘hidden debt’ may not be an easy task, and review of new book about the choices we make with technology.


A sweet solution? India’s push to use sugar for fuel may create more problems than it solves. India, the world’s second-largest sugar producer, has started to turn its surplus into bioethanol as it strives to lower energy costs and meet climate pledges.

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India’s sports footwear industry is at a crossroads. There’s a lot happening, and the next few years could define the country’s stature in the global footwear market. Global suppliers of top sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, and PUMA are setting up manufacturing units in India as they look for alternatives to China. Is the country ready for this shift?

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As China's economic growth gets back on track after three years of pandemic, efforts to tackle the mountain of so-called “hidden debt” accumulated by local governments have re-emerged as a priority on the agendas of top policymakers.

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An AI challenge only humans can solve. In their new book, “Power and Progress,” Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson ask whether the benefits of AI will be shared widely or feed inequality.

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Quote of the Week

“Do not trust financial market risk models. Despite the predilection of some analysts to model the financial markets using sophisticated mathematics, the markets are governed by behavioral science, not physical science.” - Seth Klarman