EQ Saturday Sapience #12

Equity Intelligence 29th April 2023

Breadth and depth to digest from conversation with Tata Group Chairman, India's trillion-dollar opportunity, After mobile phones and toys, we could see making of medical devices in India flourish, and De-dollarization is becoming real in multi-polar geopolitics...


A conversation with N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons. Reinventing Tata: Redirecting the Colossus. Connecting with the Consumer. Successes and Failures. In this fireside chat, we will hear from the transformational leader of Tata Sons on changing the way the conglomerate operates and deep insights into how to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape and build a stronger connection with consumers.

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India has set itself out to be a manufacturing exporting powerhouse and with a reorientation in exports, over the next few years, a bulk of the growth in export numbers could come from sectors like electronics, chemicals, and pharma.

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India clears new National Medical Devices Policy. Policy aspires to strengthen 6 broad areas to help medical devices sector grow from $11 bn presently to $50 bn by 2030.

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De-dollarization kicks into high gear - the US dollar is essential to US global power projection. But in 2022, the dollar share of reserve currencies slid 10 times faster than the average in the past two decades.

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Quote of the Week

“Nature and history do not agree with our conceptions of good and bad; they define good as that which survives, and bad as that which goes under.” — Will and Ariel Durant