EQ Saturday Sapience #10

Equity Intelligence 15th April 2023

India Stack will become a lot more intelligent, It is India’s moment in geopolitics of oil, Welcome to a new era of petrodollar power and an entrepreneur’s passion for restoring old temples leads to potable water solution in rural India...


Govt to spend $200 mn on AI to improve governance. The government will establish three centres of excellence for AI. Just like UPI was built to solve a government problem and has created one of the vibrant fintech ecosystems in the world, we believe AI can solve India's governance problems.

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As India moves closer to becoming the world’s largest crude petroleum importer, New Delhi should use oil diplomacy to leverage its position in geopolitics.  It must continue its delicate balance between the West and Russia. Along with its position as one of the world’s largest arms importers, oil may be one of the strongest cards in the deck for India in the global high table of geopolitics.

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What are the hundreds of billions of oil riches being spent on? War and sanctions have buoyed hydrocarbon prices, meaning fuel exporters are swimming in money. During previous booms they would recycle the proceeds in Western capital markets, snapping up pedestrian, uber-liquid assets via banks based offshore. Underpinning this was an unspoken agreement: America would offer military aid and buy oil from Saudi Arabia and friends, in exchange for which they would plug Uncle Sam’s gaping current-account deficit with petrodollars.

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Even ruins can build solutions for life. Chandrasekaran Jayaraman will attest to it. His passion to restore years-old temples and houses led to a solution to an old and grave problem the country is grappling with: bringing cheap potable water to the rural masses.

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Quote of the Week

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” —Steve Jobs